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RAGDOLL, RAGAMUFFIN, MUNCHKIN, and TEACUP KITTENS For Sale - Delivery To Your Home Anywhere In The United States:


We offer Shipping anywhere in the United States out of Dallas, Texas or you can pick your cat up in person.


If you are looking for a top quality Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Teacup or Munchkin Kitten you have come to the right place.  We have the best selection of top quality kittens available.   You can visit our kitten’s page to see our pictures of currently available baby kittens.  We also sometimes have Retired Adult Breeders available for adoption as pets as well as proven adult breeder cats available to responsible breeding programs.


We adhere to a high standard of care and responsible breeding practices including top of the line nutrition, bottle feeding of all of our kittens multiple times per day, premium supplements, outstanding veterinarian care, all kitten vaccinations, deworming, genetic testing and screening, selective breeding, no over breeding, excellent daily care and socialization of both adult cats and kittens.  We give every kitten love and attention and raise their kittens underfoot so you know that your kitten has been loved before they come to you and will be well socialized and not raised by some backyard breeder.


Our adult Ragdoll mommies and daddies are carefully selected for their outstanding breed characteristics and extra loving and floppy personalities so that they can pass these traits onto their kittens.  All of our Breeders are tested and are FELV/FIV negative.  We also screen for HCM and PKD so we can breed for the healthiest kittens with the best genetic traits possible.  Our Ragdoll Breeders carefully monitor the personality and physical characteristics of every litter of kittens so that we select the best breeding pairs to achieve the most amazing and perfect kittens possible.


When your kitten comes home he or she will be fully litter box trained and will have started training on using a scratching post.  We will also supply a copy of the kitten’s vaccination record and health records and if your kitten is shipping you will also receive a copy of the veterinarian health certificate from the kitten’s health exam right before coming home.  For hand pickups a veterinarian health certificate can also be provided.  We include microchipping at no additional cost and you will receive this paperwork at the time of pickup or delivery.  All kittens will have had all their kitten shots, deworming, and flea prevention treatment prior to coming home and will arrive freshly bathed and brushed.  Kittens that are shipped will arrive in a new carrier with a cat bed that is yours to keep.  We offer a full health guarantee on our kittens as well as a genetic guarantee.


We are great about keeping you updated on your kitten while you are waiting for them to come home.  Every week or two, until your kitten comes home, you will receive updated pictures of your kitten and information on how they are doing.  We periodically also take videos of your kittens and send these to you so you can see your new baby in action!  When getting your kitten from us you will be able to start getting to know your kitten and watching them grow from the time they hardly have their eyes open until they wean from their mommies and get to come home to you and their forever homes.  We can also optionally provide a CD with high quality copies of all of your babies photos and videos as well as a copy of their pedigree including their parents pictures and often their grandparents pictures as well.


We have received hundreds of beautiful testimonials over the years from families enjoying the love of one of our outstanding kittens.    

We would love to make you part of our family as well, contact us to make a beautiful Ragdoll Kitten or Cat part of your life.

Ragdoll Kittens and Ragdoll Cats


Email:  Kittens@RagKittens.us

Phone:  817-524-8505


Welcome to Ragdoll Kittens website!  We invite you to enjoy the pictures of our Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens.  Please bookmark our site and visit often, we update pictures of our kittens a couple times a week and our site is current so you know that kittens shown as available are still available.  All of our kittens are raised with the love and attention they deserve and will come to you as the most snuggly and loving companions imaginable.


We adhere to an extremely high standard of care, nutrition, and proven methods of socialization that gives every kitten the best start possible.  We stand behind our outstanding health guarantee and provide unparalleled customer service and support.  Even after your kitten comes home, you can count on our amazing customer support to see that all your questions are answered and that your experience of bringing home your new kitty is a truly joyous occasion.


Visit our Ragdoll Kittens For Sale page to see currently available Ragdoll Kittens or visit our Ragdoll Cats For Sale page to see Retired Adult Ragdoll Cats and Proven Adult Ragdoll Breeders currently available.


We do have discounted / cheap Retired Ragdoll Cats or Ragdoll Kittens available most of the time so please bookmark our Discounted Ragdoll Kittens page to check back for these low priced cats and kittens. 

We are a FELV/FIV free cattery.